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Decipher tumor through epigenetic regulation, genome instability and their crosstalk 

The focus of our work is to understand cell fate decisions in human disease. We are developing state-of-art single-cell technologies to characterize cell heterogeneity in a systematic manner and to identify key players involved in controlling specific cell fates.

In our group, we are fascinated by why cells in our body contain the exact same DNA sequence but turn into different fates. For instance, what is it that makes some cells in human bodies become cancer and not others? And how can stem cells differentiate into totally different cell types?


Our main aim is to decipher molecular mechanism of tumorigenesis and we have adopted two research directions to accomplish this:

  1. Deciphering tumor with epigenetic regulation, genome instability and their crosstalk

  2. Developing start-of-art single-cell technologies.


The insight from our research could give us better knowledge of cancer progression at the single-cell level, and provide a potential clinical diagnosis toolkit. A long-term goal is to reveal a target for cancer therapy.


We aim to build up a multidisciplinary research team and are looking for highly motivated master students, PhD students and postdoc researches with an interest in single-cell biology.

Please contact 

if you are interested.




Xingqi Chen, PhD

Associate professor, Group leader


Department of Immunology,  Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University,  Sweden

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